>Tonight the tired and kinda boring American Idol finalists are faced with an almost impossible task. Memorize the words to three different songs. It looks like Jason Castro got out just in time!

All this week, media outlets have been saying that if Syesha brought her A game that she might be able to pull out a 2nd place finish. While I’m not so optimistic, it certainly would make for an amazing second to last results show!

Judges Choice

David Archuleta receives the news about his first song choice Mayor Snair and his elongated facial hair. Unfortunately his judges is Paula who streches her vocabulary limit to the extreme when describing when she chose And So It Goes by Billy Joel. David, whose vocabulary rivals Paula’s, with a “I was excited, it’s a really pretty song.” The big question for tonight’s show is how will David fare without his dad’s abuse help? In case you hadn’t heard Papa Archuleta was banned from the rehearsals for “helping” David. David does a good job with the song and why shouldn’t he, he’s been singing the exact same type of song for the past 12 weeks. It’s kinda like how Randy says the exact same thing every week. “You are in it to win it” and “You can sing anything”. Leave it to Simon to tell it like it is: “predictable”
Syesha gets the news that her song was chosen by Randy Jackson “If I ain’t got you” by her favorite artist Alicia Keys. Me thinks there might be a little sabotage by choosing an artist almost identical to our dear lone female, at least when we are talking about genres. I don’t think it’s any secret that Randy wants little Archuleta to win so obviously he is going after the rumored underdog Syesha. It was OK, but compared to Alicia it just seems kinda boring. If Syesha is going to make it to the finals she has to be given a true show-stopper.
David Cook is the lucky contestant to get the only real judge Simon to choose his song. What does he choose? First Time Ever I have Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack. You gotta love Simon and his tricky ways. Simon argues that it is the great songs of all times and unlike like Randy wants to give his David a challenge. As soon as David starts singing his mom pulls a Paula by standing up in the audience. Maybe that’s why they get along so well? And while I hate to sound like Paula, his song is perfect. Release it tomorrow. Buy it right then and it will be huge. This guy makes Archuleta look like a cast member of Barney.
Round One: David Archuleta regardless of Randy’s sabotage.
Singers Choice
David Archuleta is probably the most awkward person I have ever met. David’s plan is to go after his already rabid teenage base by singing Chris Brown’s With You. The problem? As mentioned before David is awkward. Like really really awkward especially because the song makes David do something he isn’t very good at. Moving and entertaining. Teenage americans have to realize that cute only goes so far. Trust me. I used to be cute, now I’m lucky if a homeless person asks me for money. Finally Randy starts to wake up.
Syesha sings one of my favorite songs Fever. This is the perfect sexy song that she can really make her own. Randy should have picked a song like this. Syesha brings the sex to the performance which is sooo easy when she is against the Dynamic David Duo who have the combined sex appeal of a pillow case. Like Randy said, it was a great performance.
But was it enough to break the duo up? Probably not.
David Cook sings Switchfoot‘s Dare You to Move. Like all of David’s songs it starts off slow and builds up to his classic big notes. This demonstrates why Cook is better than Archuleta because he shows emotion and has a powerful voice and he isn’t 12 years old.
Producers Choice
David Cook gets punished for being annoying by being forced to sing Dan Fogelberg’s Longer (Don’t worry, I had to google it too). Which I can totally see them choosing to piss off his dad. Are you kidding me? That is supposed to be contemporary. Randy literally says the exact same thing as he did before. Maybe this has something to do with how audiences are saying this is the worst season yet.
Syesha gets given Gia Farrell’s Hit Me Up. Yeah, I had to google that too. It was good to see her singing something up beat and something like she would probably be releasing on her eventual CD. This is probably Syesha’s last moments on American Idol but she definitely gave it her all.
David Cook gets to wrap his night by singing Aerosmith’s Don’t Want to Miss Thing. Curiously he gets the full orchestra treatment. I like that the rock didn’t necessarily rock out this rock song. He went the subdued route which AGAIN is why he has proven to be the most talented person on this show. Judges included (just admit defeat Randy!) If David Cook wants the title, it’s all his.
Now go to sleep and get ready for tomorrow night’s show where Syesha will mercifully be put to rest. If you can’t fall asleep. I think this might help (in a good way)…………..

Mike Morrison