Bucked from the crowd?
Have they been harvested?
Too corny? I thought the writers were on strike, surely Ryan can’t be coming up with these Nebraska themed puns on his own!

Aww man. No Paula? I would lose it if I made it that far and didn’t get to see that crazy bitch! Of course, she knows I mean that in a good way!

9:04 And you thought my editing was bad? Ryan told us that the nasally Kelly Clarkson obsessed Chris Bernheisel was 25 years old. But on the screen it showed 24. Hmmm….Wait.a.minute. That guy gets to be the next Seacrest!?!?! What about me? I feel burned Seacrest. Watch your back.

9:10 Holy shit, Jason’s audition was probably one of the most stressful auditions we’ve seen. He’s a great singer but for a while there he couldn’t even get by the first line. It’s lucky they finally came to him, because let’s be honest: Who doesn’t know the lyrics to “When you say it best, you say nothing at all!? See ya in LA farm boy.

9:17 Paula finally shows up after being delayed on a plane. Of course, we “Hey Paula” fans know that that means she was probably huddled in a corner crying out for Emilio Estivez. They should show that stuff!

9:19 Quick, who knew Ryan had a muscle?

9:20 It will be great to see Rachael Wicker in Hollywood. She’ll be able to protect that sissy farm boy.

9:23 I have no problems with Goths or Sarah Whitaker, but does being a goth mean that you can’t brush your teeth?

9:30 And now Ryan gets to be a judge? I kinda felt bad for Samantha Sidley though (who is from Los Angeles?!) because her audition turned into a joke with Paula and Ryan switching places. Hey guys, she didn’t stand in line for two hours for audition to be turned into a joke! See you in Hollywood Samantha!

9:42 Best quote ever after receiving a golden ticket: “I can’t wait to make it to Hollywood and prove it to Simon that I am America’s Next Top Model…I mean…..” Thanks Elizabeth Erkert, tell Tyra I say hello!

9:48 Why do people share their personal family trauma’s with Ryan on national television? I know I have a daily blog, but that is kinda embarrassing Angelica Puente. But not everyone can pull of a Celine, so congrats now off to Dr. Phil with you!

9:56 For some reason or another Paula just assumed the “position”. I’m not sure I care to know why.

9:59 Leo Marlowe wraps up our time in Omaha. He was great and quite frankly so was American Idol tonight. Did you notice they focused more on the good people than the bad!

This is the American Idol we need and love!!!

Where are we off to tomorrow night? Miama! I wonder if Perez will be there?

Mike Morrison