>Screw Hong Kong, now that I’m back I finally get to settle into things that make me happy.  Not squatting, Corn Pops and American Idol.

After three great weeks of Colin helping out while I was away, nothing makes me happier to watch people’s dreams get crushed while living vicariously through them at the same time.
Ahh American Idol how I missed you.  And is there a better night to come back to?  Neil Diamond!  Are you kidding me?  On top of the fact that all of our little Idols are singing two songs tonight and we only have to hear from the judges once each.  Is it it my birthday?  (No, it’s still 11 days away silly!)
Jason Castro: 
Forever in Blue Jeans  -Who knew how perfect Castro fits into the Neil Diamond genre?  We haven’t seen him look that comfortable in a long time.  Castro comes off as both refreshing and….should I say it….a little exciting.  Still his name isn’t David so he doesn’t have a hope of winning.
September Morn- This is pretty much the cheesiest thing I’ve ever seen.  Like I”m talking worse than anything Archuleta has ever done combined.    I have seen such Idol suicide since Jacob Hoggard in Canadian Idol season 2.  Jason wants to go.  Let him go.
David Cook 
I’m Alive-Only David Cook would dare act smug in front of Neil Diamond.  But why wouldn’t he?  He is David Cook!  Cook also makes a smart decision by choosing songs that people aren’t that familiar with, that way it’s hard to compare him to the original version.  If Lifehouse is ever short a singer I think David Cook is your guy.
All I really need is you- And David does it again.  It’s soooo impressive that when he sings it totally becomes his song.  You can’t hear one ounce of the cheese that is Neil Diamond.  Now David, go punch Archuleta in the throat and this thing is yours.
Brooke White
I’m a believer - Brooke does the opposite by choosing perhaps one of Neil’s most popular songs: I’m a believer.  Which if you ask my nephew is sung by Donkey.  Which isn’t that much different than Brooke’s version.
I am I said: Question Brooke: Why write the lyrics on hand if you are playing the piano?  Either way her second song is way way better.  Like a lot better. Is it enough  to save her?  Maybe, but I’m still inflicting the David rule.  
David Archuleta
Sweet Carolina –I honestly don’t think I’ve ever wanted to punch some one more in my life.  Sorry, I was supposed to keep that to myself.  Remember There’s Something About Mary?  Sorry, I can’t seem to focus on David’s awful and cheesy version of one of my favorite driving fast with the windows down.
America– David channels a little Kristi Lee Cook by appealing to those silly americans by singing a song about their own country.  Smart bastard.  If anything it will be fun to watch him when his voice cracks in concert.
Hello Again-Someone needs to talk to Syesha about the definition of a concert.  She describes tonight as a mini-concert by singing two 2 minute songs.  I guess that way she won’t mind eventually when people pay with canned food items to see her full concerts. As surprising as Paula’s drukeness Syesha sings a love ballad that isn’t worth mentioning.
I thank the lord for the night time-Finally brings it the way she needs to stay in this competition.  It was energetic, fun and not a ballad.  If only her parents had named her David.
Can I just say that that is the way to have a great American Idol episode.  It was fast paced, there were good performances and lots of bad ones. And of course Paula made a fool of herself.  It was perfect.
If Americans vote right I think Syesha and Jason Castro should be in the bottom two.  With Jason cutting his hair and going home.  

Mike Morrison