>It’s a tough night to be watching American Idol. Most likely because I’m in hockey-mad Calgary, and tonight’s Idol broadcast happens to fall right in the middle of the Flames vs. Sharks game 4. Mike, I hope you are eternally grateful (cash and gifts are acceptable). So this blog will be completed while I sit by my t.v, wearing my Iginla jersey, switching back & forth between the game and Idol.

I hope you all enjoyed last week’s Idol Gives Back show. I didn’t watch it, apart from seeing Snoop’s ridiculously huge diamond-studded, sword-like microphone. We all know that Michael Johns is gonitty gone gone after last week. As expected, I was totally wrong with my predictions – Johns was not part of my bottom three. I guess that throws my credibility out the window. I’m still surprised that Johns is done, considering how puking some of the other contestants were last week.

Here we go.

This week the theme is ‘songs by Mariah Carey’…yay…….

First up is David Archuletta is going to do “When You Believe”:
I can’t stand this kid’s talking voice. Seriously. “I didn’t think I would be able to do it.” Whateeevvv. This guy’s a toolbox. I’m switching over to hockey for this one, sorry. I turned it back just in time to see David pull out a falsetto. K, whatever, this song is far too long.
Randy: loves it – David “can sing anything.”; Paula: ________ (insert useless comment); Simon: agrees. Thinks it was good, and it was sung well.

Thank God that’s out of the way – at least I don’t have to ‘look forward’ to it now.

Next up is Carly Smithson is singing “Without You”:
I hope Carly does better this week than last, because I think she needs a solid performance to really bring her back. So far, so good – just a little trouble, but overall she’s doing o.k. I think this week ‘interesting song choice’ might go out the window: There’s only so much you can do with a Mariah Carey week.
Randy: She has to believe in her lower range; Paula: liked the “vocal restraint;” Simon: Really wanted to hear her sing this song, and doesn’t think she pulled it off. She’s over-thinking it.

*Just switched it back to the Flames game, and San Jose scored. I feel it’s because the Flames knew that I changed the channel.*

Syesha Mercado is singing “Vanishing”:
Again, I hope Syesha does a better job this week. She seems a bit more confident this time around, and that’s good, considering the fact that this song demands a lot of talent. I like it so far, and she’s hitting the right notes. Overall, pretty good.
Randy: tough song, and thinks she did a good job; Paula: blah, blah, blah…; Simon: thought it was technically very good, but not sure if it was the best song choice.

Oh, here we go! Brooke is up next and, like always, I’m smitten. I just wish she wouldn’t cry so much.

Brooke White is singing “Hero,” which is a tall order. But she’s playing the piano again, which is excellent. It’s risky to pick such a big hit, but she’s doing a good job. I’m expecting her to belt it out pretty soon here…ummm…yep, any second now…close! Almost. Okay, I get it, and I like it – I’m actually happy she didn’t go for it. The ending seems slightly rushed, but I liked it overall (obviously).
Randy: likes the singer-songwriter thing, but didn’t like the bridge. Thought it was pretty good; Paula: “every ounce of you is totally authentic to who you are. And that’s a beautiful thing.” Yawn. (Thought it was rushed…hmm); Simon: “bit like ordering a hamburger and only getting the bun. The vital ingredient, the middle, was missing.”

Paula asks, “where’s the beef?” Funniest thing she has EVER said, and yet it’s still stuck in the 1980s. It’s weird to actually witness the highlight of someone’s career.

Kristy Lee Cook is going to sing “Forever”:
I seriously thought this girl was toast after last week. Shows what I know. This time around, she’s doing alright. I fail to see the appeal of a Mariah Carey week…just because she has 18 #1 hits, she gets her own week? Please. These songs are pretty boring for a show like this. Anyway, back to Kristy: She’s finishing okay, even after she hit a weird note in the middle.
Randy: Not amazing, pitchy notes, but she stepped it up at the end; Paula: She is blown away; Simon: Managed with what she could, and it was whiny. But she was smart with her choice.

My Guinness is getting warm.

Next up is David Cook, with “Always Be My Baby”:
I really hope this doesn’t stink up the joint, but we’ll see. I’m sort of over this dude. He’s really not that great, to be honest, and is showing that already in this song – he stumbled early. This song continues, and it’s getting no better. Why does every song this guy sing have to be so epic? Like, this is The Song That Will Change Your Life. Relax, it’s Mariah Carey. I’m not a huge fan.
Randy: Thinks he’s ready to make an album, and thought it was great; Paula: (content eliminated due to stupidity); Simon: Breath of fresh air out of a karaoke hell. It was original and daring. (What, exactly, was so daring about it?)

Okay, so I was wrong about that one, but I’m pretty tired of guys like David Cook coming on (see: Chris Daughtry) who are called ‘original’ and ‘daring’, and yet are more boring than old dishwater. And disagree with me if you like, but I’d much rather hear Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood, who are fully being exactly what this show is designed to produce: Pop stars. They don’t need to be daring or original, they just need to be catchy and popular, and capable of selling a bazillion records.

Jason Castro closes out the show with “I Don’t Want to Cry”:
Castro seems a little rough tonight, and is boring me to tears. But again, I think I’m biased against this fellow. Maybe it’s his hair, maybe it’s his doe-eyed gaze. Maybe it’s because I’m more interested in watching the third period of the game. I don’t know. Anyway, he seems off key, but that could just be part of his whole “touch your heart with my dreads” theme.
Randy: Didn’t really love it. Felt like he was at a weird beach lu-au. (Agreed); Simon: Thought it wasn’t the best vocal of the night, but thought it was cool. Questionable.

Simon thinks the guys won the night, and I’d tend to agree to an extent. Obviously, I thought Brooke was great, but overall, I didn’t think that anyone was that impressive tonight. Probably totally due to the theme this week, so maybe they’re not fully to blame.

I don’t think I’ll make predictions for next week, because I am clearly terrible at them. Tune in tomorrow for the results!


Mike Morrison