>Hi all, I’m Colin, and I’ll be doing the Idol updates for the next couple of weeks while Michael is away.  I promised him that I wouldn’t totally take over his site, but we’ll see how it goes.  Let me know what you guys think.

By the way, my computer chose tonight to force me to re-format its hard drive.  It only finished its cleansing minutes before Idol came on this evening.  Then, much to my dismay, I found that Michael, while kindly handing over the reigns of this blog to me, had given me the wrong sign-in information.  Panic & woe set in quickly.

But, here we are.  Only a few minutes late, but here all the same.  This week, in anticipation for tomorrow’s Idol Gives Back show, the theme is something like, “dreams come true”.  I’m not really sure, because I didn’t care all that much.  Sorry.
Michael Johns started things off this evening with “Dream On” by Aerosmith.  It was o.k, maybe not great.  Randy attempts to offer him some criticism, but Johns interrupts and says (verbatim) “I just moved to this country, and now I’m living a dream.”  Yikes.  Excuse me while I wipe the puke off my keyboard.  Randy had a point, Micheal!  
Syesha Mercado comes back with “I Believe” by Fantasia – no last name needed ’round here.  I like Syesha most weeks, but I’m not 100% convinced this time until that last note, which is admittedly impressive.  Then she gets all uppity when Randy tries to compare her to Fantasia, for some reason.  I guess she forgot that every time you sing someone else’s song, you will be compared to them.  Big news.
Jason Castro sings “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by that huge Hawaiian dude who is now dead.  Not that that really matters, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.  Castro is kind of interesting until you listen to Jack Johnson, and then you’re like, “ohhhh I get it.”  But he’s got a good voice, and all the girls will be a-flutter over this track (no offence to anyone – it’s a decent rendition).  The judges love it all down the line…even Simon.
Kristy Lee Cook is up next with “Anyway” by Martina McBride, and after Seacrest claims that she’s determined to stay out of the bottom three this week, Kristy proves him a liar.  She seems totally determined of the opposite.  The judges weigh in: Randy loved it (?!); Paula: thinks it was great; Simon: also thought it was great.  Wow.
I stand corrected.
David Cook sings an Our Lady Peace song…random – it’s “Innocent”.  Uhhhhhhh…what is this?  I wish he’d stick to a key.  I think song choice might be a criticism from the judges, because I’m almost sure (almost) that he’s better than this.  Randy: didn’t think it was cool; Paula: likes it (surprise, surprise); Simon: Didn’t like it! (bad song choice)  Yay!  He described the song as “pompous.”  Funny how you can summarize a band’s entire career with one word.
There are feedback problems this week.  Ouch.
Carly Smithson sings “The Show Must Go On” by Queen next.  I like her tattoos.  She’s having a few problems with the higher notes.  I think I like her because she’s Irish, but I’m not sure she’s going to win.  Again, song choice is a problem – as it always is – and she’s having trouble with the end.  Randy: Started well, ended o.k; Paula: Whoa! Agrees with Randy on the voice problems, and then says it was “amazing”…; Simon: unusual song choice, and angry performance.  
Next is David Archuletta, who I have to admit a bias against.  I really don’t like this kid for some reason.  I think Mike feels the same way, so this kind of sentiment isn’t new around here.
I think one thing I don’t like about David is his “I love everything!” voice.  Come on.  He decided on “Angels” by Robbie Williams, which he’s sung before a lot – there’s a video on YouTube – so his ‘discovery’ of this song this week is a bit phony.  This kid is good, I know, but I just don’t like him.  Randy: loved it; Paula: totally ga-ga over this kid; Simon: best song choice of the night (hmmm…), but nasally vocal.
Another bias alert!  I love Brooke totally and unconditionally, until the day comes that she breaks my heart.  Then I’ll hate her for a day and stupidly forgive her later, as is often the case when faced with a luscious blonde armed with guitar melodies.  
*An exception would be Courtney Love, who is actually far from luscious.*
Brooke White sings “You’ve Got a Friend” (original version by Carol King, which is cool).  I always want Brooke to go through, because I picked her in the audition week to win the whole thing.  I’m sad she’s not playing the piano today, but her vocal is ok.  I’ll have to admit that I think she could have chosen a more interesting song, because I’m not sure this really shows off her talent.  Not like “Let It Be” did, anyway.  
Randy: Not best performance; Paula: grew up to this song, so she’s head-over-heels about it; Simon: A pleasant walk in the park…o.k.
Well, that’s it for tonight.  Tomorrow is the Idol Gives Back night, with appearances by all three remaining Presidential hopefuls (Obama, Clinton, and McCain), and Terri Hatcher.  Tune in Thursday for results.  My guess for the bottom three: 3. Kristy Lee Cook 2. Carly Smithson 1. David Cook.  
I’ll probably be wrong.

Mike Morrison


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