>Going into tonight’s all male American Idol there are several that better bring their “A” game.
Obviously Sanjaya has proven quite the disppointment. But I don’t see him going home Thursday night. I’ve predicted for the last two weeks that Jared Cotter would be heading home and I think this might be is week. I just don’t think he has “it!”. I’ve always been bored with him. Obviously, if you read this you know how I feel about Sundance. I can’t even put into words how much I don’t like him. But America will keep voting for him because he did 1 great audition. Last week he copped out by singing Mustang Sally. It will be interesting this week for sure!

Let’s get down to it:

Blake Lewis is up first and does a wicked impression of Bucky Covington..oh I mean Jimmy Walker Blue. I like Blake more and more every week. I think this is cause of his hair and secondly because he is probably the most original of the guys. The music is does is different and then there is the obvious scatting. I hope Simon’s right about him being back next week!

oh no Sanjaya is singing John Mayer. I bet he isn’t even voting for himself. Is it too late for his sister to come back? Also, I’m too distracted by his Houla to listen to him Butcher Mr. Mayer. (BTW, John Mayer has announced he is coming Calgary for a concert. Who is buying me tickets?) Oh god is it over, please cat owning secretaries please please do not vote for him.
Oh and Sanjaya when Paula takes 5 minutes to come up with a compliment, things aren’t looking too good.

Before Sundance talks about talking about a secret I’m going to guess it’s eating. Which isn’t really a secret is it? No, no it’s not! Oh…haha he made a joke about being fat!! I kinda called that didn’t? I’m actually going to leave the room…..(2 minutes later) Did anyone notice that Sundace tried to steal Blake’s haircut? Guess what Sandance, if I can’t do it, either can you!

The probelm with Chris R is that I think I would put him in the same category as Blake. They used to be one in the same, but Blake is slowly pulling ahead. But he is good, I’ll give him that. He’ll be back next week, as long as he keeps seperating himself from the Justin Timerlake persona.

Jared’s secret taught me and children all around the world that when if you realize that you aren’t the best at something quit it and try out for a reality show. And if you make it on the Reality Show sing the most boring song ever. Actually ever ever. He is still singing it and I can’t remember it. Also “Actually, it was good” is not a compliment is it? I think he might be going home this week. Paula was not loving the Jared.

Brandon. The judges have also given him a hard time. I never got it, to me he is way more interesting than Jared and Sundance. He sings different songs every week and he has really white teeth. Maybe they are jealous? Of his talents, not his teeth.

Phil Stacey: Thank You! People are always surprised when I show them pictures of when I used to have hair! It’s like they thought I was bald from the age of 2. Unfortunatly I don’t shave mine cause of a group I was in. I wish I was Phil, I wish I was. Too bad your singing sounded like you had a cold tonight. But I agree with the judges, phil is a power ballader, more specifically the power part. He nails the high parts but the lower parts remind me of when I used to cry into my pillow holding my thinning hair in my hand. Too much information? maybe.

Yes Carrie Underwood is singing on Thursday! I hope she sings “Before He Cheats”

Chris 2.0 is closing the show and is seriously kicking ass. I’ll ignore another bald comment and if he can fend off some of the divas he might make it quite far in this competition. He just needs to up his stage presents. He is an amazing vocalist. And yes Chris, we all do want to be loved. tear.

Wow American Idol really made me look deep insde myself tonight and answer questions that I have been meaning to answer. But at the end of the day I still hate Sundance and you should too.

Who Should go home: Sanjaya and Sundance

Who will go home: Jared and Phil (bonus: Sanjaya)

See you tomorrow night!

Mike Morrison