Great news for people a.) Like auditioning for reality shows or b.) like watching Canadians on reality shows: The Amazing Race Canada and Canada’s Got Talent will soon be casting and looking for its newest starts.

With the pandemic seemingly winding down, both shows have been announced to return, with casting details likely to be announced soon.

Still a ratings behemoth, the pandemic caused us to be starved of The Amazing Race Canada because…well, a competition show about traveling around the world hasn’t really been possible for the last little while.

No details yet on when racers can audition, but they usually give quite a bit of notice, so I would follow The Amazing Race Canada on Twitter so you don’t miss the announcements.

The news of Canada’s Got Talent returning was a very big surprise! You might remember that the first season of this show aired way back in 2012, and while over a million people watched the premiere episode, less than 500,000 watched the finale. I don’t need to tell you this, but ideally you want the ratings for a talent show to increase as you get closer to announcing the winner.

Very few details about auditions are available. In 2011, the show traveled to Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Halifax for its initials auditions. Then it shot the try-outs in front of the judges in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg, Halifax and Montreal.

I can’t imagine them changing up the cities and format too much, it works so well across the world!

UPDATE: Details for audition for Canada’s Got Talent have been released!

Check out all the details on their website.

All this news on top of news that 1 Girl 5 Gays is being rebooted as 1 Queen 5 Queers with Canada’s Drag Race host Brooke Lynn Hytes, plus we’ll soon get to experience Bachelor In Paradise Canada this fall, it’s a great time for reality TV in the great white north!

Mike Morrison