> Apparently not learning their lesson from Survivor: All Stars and Big Brother: All Stars, CBS announced today the cast for The Amazing Race: All Stars. Much to my dismay Rob and Amber are indeed classified as “all-stars” Has this term lost all meaning? I feel like yes. But I’ll give them credit, they were fierce competitors and should be “fun” to watch again! Do you know their occupations are listed as “TV personalities!” Wow. Really?

Also joining the All Star fun will be the Beauty Queens from last season (Dustin and Candice). With those names could they be anything but beauty queens? It’s like being named Paulie and not joining the Mob. It’s just something you gotta do! They are one of a couple of teams back from last season. Back are the Coal Miners!!!!! Woohoo, they weren’t the best competitors in the world, but they were nice and helpful! So they definatly deserve to be back!

The midget and her annoying friend/lover(?) are back too! Remember how much she was in love with Phil. It was hilarious. (Side Note: I feel like Phil is asexual.)

“Team Guido” is back too, you’ll remember them from the first season just when me and the crazy cat lady down the street were the only ones watching this show. come to think of it, we’d make a good team. Anyway, Team Guido was the first angry gay couple, one of many, to grace The Amazing Race. It should be fun to have them back, gayer and angrier then ever!

Oh God I’m just glad that Johnathan and Victoria will not be racing. Seriously they make my weak attempts at relationships seem healthy. Wow, I don’t think Phil would have let them race again, he wanted to lay the SMACKDOWN on that curly haired fucker. Sorry.


Other teams racing include: Teri and Ian (Season 2), Uchenna and Joyce (LOVE THEM!-Season 7), John Vito and Jill (Season 3), Ozwald and Danilo (Season 2), Kevin and Drew (Season 1), Eric and Danielle (Season 9, on two different teams ?)

Mike Morrison