Ever wondered what the world’s largest snowball fight would look like?  Well, thanks to the 8,200 people that showed up in Saskatoon this weekend, we now know. The city showed up ready to take the Guinness World Record and that they did.  The previous record holder was Seattle, WA, with 5,834 throwing snowballs. (Do they even have snow in Seattle?!) Other than attendance, to beat the record each attendee had to throw a snowball and the “fight” had to last one minute.

The record officially confirmed yet, but paper word is being processed by The Guinness World Record committee right now, but it definitely looks like they did it. Well done, Saskatoon.

This beautiful video shows just how fun the snowball fight tournament was!

Guiness Book of World Records: World’s Largest Snowball Fight from Preston Kanak on Vimeo.

This actually reminds me of a few years ago when Jasper held a Yukigassen tournament, which is basically a snowball fight tournament.  The organizers of the Saskatoon snowball fight will actually be heading to Japan to compete in a few weeks. I judged a few games of the Jasper tournament and it was pretty intense and fun!

Mike Morrison