>-I take pride in the fact that both of my roommates never watched TV before they moved in with my and now they are almost as bad as me. But now my roommate has influenced me. She makes me watch A&Es Intervention. This show makes me sad in many ways. But is it wrong that I want to be on it just so I can somehow be apart of the kick ass opening theme song and then introduce myself and then for some reason spell it out for the producers.? M-I-C-H-A-E-L

-I also take pride in the fact that I don’t smoke and that I own a toque. Why? Because when the high temperature today only reached -45, I didn’t have to go outside to smoke. Plus my head was kept warm all day, probably because i wouldn’t take my toque off at my office. Also, I feel that on really cold days like today, bald people should get a “stay at home and still get paid” day. After all, we have a higher risk of being injured by things such as frost bright and loneliness.

-Am I the only one who laughs at people who would rather protect their head from “hat hair” then try to stay warm by wearing a hat? I mean really whats more attractive: bad hair or someone with no ears? (Fun fact: My dog had ear cancer and now only has one ear. He’s still amazing though).

-I’ve also started watching Law and Order and SVU. Not bad.

Mike Morrison