On Tuesday night, the Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association held one of two public hearings about the issue of Gay Straight Alliances here in Alberta. It’s something that we’ve been talking about for years here in Alberta and it’s something that I’m certainly passionate about.

When Premier Prentice announced they’d be putting homophobic Bill 10 on hold in December, he said he would consult with the public. So far, he hasn’t. So, Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association invited people on all sides of the issue to come to the hearings, but as you can probably guess, only one side showed up. The crowded room featured members of different faiths, different back grounds, different orientations and different parties. What it didn’t have were any members from the Catholic community, or Premier Prentice or Education Minister Gordon Dirks, who has been perhaps the most silent on the issue (Which I think can be explained here.)

I was there because I believe this is important. I wanted to help share the issues that are facing Alberta’s youth and I wanted them to know that they are not alone, even if sometimes feels like they are.

These are my tweets from the night. My hope is that you read them, share them, and tell government officials how important it is to have Gay Straight Alliances in all schools. Not some schools, not under another name and not off school grounds, in all schools.













































































Mike Morrison


  1. Im so glad I got to go to that meeting and share everything. I still miss my friend and she would have loved to see our accomplishments and how quickly we can change the province and world.

  2. I know I was listening… but you know I’m passionate about it too. But to help, I put Austin in my last CIA article as well, as well as Tad Milmilne.

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