This summer, I’ve been teaming up with Travel Alberta to share some of my favourite destinations.  One of the most fascinating parts about Alberta is it’s history, specifically it’s 65 million year old history.  From north to south, Alberta is rich with dinosaur fossils and some pretty incredible experiences to go along with them!

Phillip J Currie Dinosaur Museum

This is Alberta’s newest dino museum, and thanks to significant support from none other than Dan Ackroyd, it’s incredibly impressive. It’s just short twenty minute from from Grande Prairie, and if you’re spending some time in northern Alberta this summer, the museum is worthy of a visit ot too! opened in September last year

You might know that Phillip J Currie is one of the leading Paleontologist in the world, but did you know that he is also in the inspiration behind Alan Grant? The main character of Jurassic Park.

And besides the living dinosaurs, this museum reminded me a lot of Jurassic Park. It’s incredibly high tech and offers visitors some incredibly fun and surprising display.

The museum is also located just down the road from Pipestone Creek, where there are actually still performing digs. The museum features a working fossil lab, which you can watch the palaeontologists working. If you want an extra incredible experience, the museum also does helicopter tours of the bone bed.

Royal Tyrrell Museum


The Royal Tyrrell is one of Canada’s most famous museums, and with reason. It has one of the biggest collections of dinosaur skeletons and fossils in the entire world. Only a fraction of them are on display at any given time, so the exhibits are constantly rotating.

This summer, the museum is featuring a new exhibit that delves in the science behind palaeontology.  The museum also features programming like digging for dinosaurs and a guided hike through the badlands and no, I don’t know if there are any pokemon in the badlands.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

When I tell people that they need to visit Dinosaur Provincial Park, they always think I mean Drumheller, but it’s actually a different place, and it’s stunning. A few years ago, I went for a dinosaur dig there, and it’s one of those things that I’ll absolutely never forget.  Being the first person to touch a fossil that hasn’t seen the light of day in 60 million years is just something that you don’t forget!  If you do one thing this summer, I’d tell you to do a dinosaur dig experience in Dinosaur Provincial Park. They also have quarry hikes, photography tours, children program and comfort camping.

This place is amazing.



The Devil’s Coulee museum in Warner, AB.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 11.12.33 PM
If you’re in the Lethbridge-area this summer head a little south and check out the The Devil’s Coulee museum. It’s incredibly small, only one room, but it’s quite fascinating. That’s because they have baby dino eggs and embryos. One of the first ones ever found in the world. I saw it a few weeks ago, and is it weird to describe it as cute?  Because that’s what it was!  A neat stop in the Lethbridge area!


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Mike Morrison