>So it’s Valentines Day. February 14th has reared its ugly ahead again and you’ve mossied over here to read what is sure to be a bitter Michael Valentine’s day rant. Well today, you’ve come to the wrong spot my friend!

I’m not bitter. Not over today at least. Are you kidding me? Being single today is like winning the lottery.

This is why:

-I get to watch American Idol and Lost guilt free tonight!
-The money I’m saving on not buying gifts for someone is being spent on the Scrubs: Season 4 that I’m buying on the way home!
-I might not even brush my teeth today, I mean who is going to care right?
-I don’t have to sit in a crowded restaurant only to be out romanced by the richer and more charming couples sitting all around me
-I don’t have to have awkward conversations with sales clerks in lingerie stores.
-I don’t have to see “Music and Lyrics”

If you look at it, I think I win. I’m reclaiming today as the singles day. And all you couples don’t you come crawling to me on Thursday morning asking what happened on Lost, cause I’m not going to tell you. Your loss.

Mike Morrison