Dear MTV,

This is my plea.
During the last week of September I will be in Toronto. If it’s not too much to ask, I would love to be on the After Show as one of your “friends”. It could be the Hills: After Show, or daily version. I would be happy with either!
Unfortunately I don’t know who to ask. So I’m just putting it out there into the cosmic internet universe hoping someone sees this. Obviously I wish I was above a public plea to be a friend, but let’s be honest, anyone that I went to high school with, will tell you that I’m not.
If I am lucky enough to be on the show, I promise:
  • That if I use the staff bathroom, I will courtsey flush, every time.
  • Not take too long in Hair and Make-Up.
  • Dazzle you with my brain filled with amazing useful/useless entertainment news.
  • Not to re-enact my favourite scene from the Laguna Beach, season 3. (Kyndra’s eye roll.)
  • To leave my security detail at home. Sorry mom.
  • Provide my own martini glass. I’ll even stick around and do the dishes.
So if you think you might have a seat for me sometime between September 24th and October 1st, feel to email me and ask me anything you want! Oh and I have a bunch of my Breakfast Television videos up on my Youtube page, if you want to make sure I’m not going to freeze on air.
All the best,
Mike Morrison
UPDATE (09.09.09) So apparently the After Show heard my request, but they are unfortunately all booked up for the week. Ahh well, I tried. Thanks to Tiffany, Kathy, Alexis and Alison for trying! I’m a pretty lucky blogger!

Mike Morrison

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