IMG_2588Okay, so I’m little late on posting this, but when you’re in a place as beautiful as Kelowna, it’s hard to find the desire to sit in front of a computer, especially when you can be behind the camera and take so many photos.

I was in the city this weekend to watch two of my great friends Tess and Darcy get married, it was a fantastic wedding and it’s definitely one of those days that you’ll never forget.  At one point, the justice of the peace said he felt bad for all the boyfriends who had to try and follow up this weekend.

It was fantastic.


After that, I stuck around the Okanagan and visited some of the sites and sounds.  It was a little rainy, but that didn’t stop us from visiting a handful of vineyards, a beautiful and quaint town called Peachland and a nearly deserted, albeit photogenic Penticton.   It was one of those weekends that I can’t believe we did so much in a few short days.  I haven’t spent a ton of time in the interior of BC, but I’ll definitely be back!

Mike Morrison


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