It’s December 1st. This means a lot of different things for different people, but for me, it means that I can start watching holiday shows and movies guilt-free. If I’m being honest, I start watching them in March, but now that it is December, I can openly admit how much I love holiday-fare, with little to no worry of ridicule. Basically, I think I’m still looking at normal levels of ridicule, but I think that is separate issue.

Up first for the mistletoe adorned BluRay player is the TV-show, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and their christmas special called A Very Sunny Christmas.
Now if you’ve never heard of this show, or you’ve never watched it before, you are missing out. If I was to describe the show, I’d have to say it’s a mix between Curb Your Enthusiasm and….well it would be if four assholes made Curb Your Enthusiasm. Sorry for the harsh language, but it’s the best way to describe the show about four very unlikable people who run a bar in Philadelphia. The Christmas special is like Curb Your Enthusiasm and Bad Santa, only with more swearing and blood. Actually this 42-minute episode makes Bad Santa look like the Nativity Story. This isn’t your mother’s christmas special. Danny Devito plays a hilarious part in the show as some of the character’s asshole of a father. Need an example? When they were kids, he would find out what they want for Christmas and they buy the gifts for himself. Worse yet, he would video take their reaction. Try to describe that without using the word asshole.
But it’s still funny. Shockingly so. To the point where you feel bad for laughing, I kept looking around the room to make sure I wasn’t the only one laughing, luckily I wasn’t.
If you are looking for something that is hilarious, crude, offensive and yet somehow endearing, A Very Sunny Christmas might be for you! If nothing else, you get to see a midget and Danny Devito naked. And yes, those are two different people.
Check out the trailer:

Mike Morrison