>Last week was Super Tuesday. Well at least it was for people who like politics or for fans of The West Wing.

But for me, I happen to think that this Tuesdsay is going to be pretty Super.

Why you might ask? Well, I think a nice list might be able to do the trick.

-Big Brother returns seven months early for it’s 9th season tonight. This time they are calling it Big Brother: Till Death do us part. While Big Brother seems to take pride in bringing out the worst in people this year they are pretty much forcing show-mances on this year’s “competitors”. You see as they were choosing the contestants for this writer’s strike induced season they had them fill out love-match profiles and then the results of those tests were used to form the couples that will compete as teams in the house. Oh and did I mention they are during off the a/c this season…just to help move things along in the heating up department. Man, when will this show stop being robbed of it’s well deserved Peabody Award!

Jericho returns! The fact that this show is returning is miracle enough! After it was canceled last season, fans rallied behind it and the network apologized and brought it back for 7 episodes that begin airing tonight (after Big Brother). I was planning on watching it, even though I never watched the first season, but with a whole season of Dexter and Dr. Who now in my possession who has the time?

-Michael Jackson releases the 25th anniversary edition of Thriller today! Man, who remembers where they were when this CD came out. I remember going to the washroom in my pants a lot and was crying everyday! I should probably clarify that I am 26 years old. Although i do seem to cry a lot still. Stupid Extreme Home Makeover.

And if that wasn’t all enough, don’t forget it’s finally Hollywood Week on American Idol. This is my favorite part of the entire season. The tears, the drama and the Top 24 revealed! It is always interesting to see who gets left behind!

-Oh and I also got an MP3 file of my CBC interview, if you want to listen to it just give me an email and I’ll send it your way!

Mike Morrison