Dear Entertainment Weekly,

If you are wondering why I still haven’t renewed my subscription, even though I’ve had one since 1997, it’s because you keep putting cast members from Twilight on your cover. Take a look at your new cover, which comes out today for further proof that you guys are Twilight obsessed.  I know it’s seems obvious to berate you guys, when you are just trying to sell magazines.  But this is the fourth time that they have been given the cover this year alone!  And we are still three months away from the opening.
Look, I know it’s not your fault that I never joined the Twilight parade, but would it kill you to maybe just leave the Twilight stuff to YM or Cosmogirl.
I love my Entertainment Weekly, but what used to be a Jolie-Pitt type love affair is quickly turning into a Hogan-esque disaster.

Mike Morrison