>For the next week I will be exploring three very different parts of BC. A couple of days in Kamloops, then some in Kelowna and then a couple more in my favorite city of Vancouver!

While in Vancouver I am going to make it a point to visit the Chop Shop, no not to get my haircut, I’m bald, yeah I get it. But because the Chop Shop is actually one of the coolest places to get your hair done in Vancouver, so cool in fact that the employees of the shop are the subject of a new reality show that premieres tonight on Slice.

The show is coincidently called Chop Shop and it looks like a really fun mix of LA INK and Blow Out. Check out the preview below!

This place looks super cool and super terrifying all at the same time!
Only in Canada is “johnny cool-guy” an insult!

Mike’s Bloggity Blog will be updated all week but here are somethings to look out for:

Wednesday night’s LOST better start answering some of the questions that they dumped on us last night!
Thursday welcomes back the return of 30 Rock and Grey’s Anatomy!
Friday night has Friday Night Lights. Never heard of it? Screw you, it’s amazing, watch it!

Mike Morrison