>Happy Halloween!

As many people know I am not a big fan of today. It seems weird for me to say but I actually hate the idea of dressing up in a costume and having people look at me, which is odd because I usually LOVE when people are looking at me.

But I do love this time of year because there are TONS of scary movies to rent, watch on TV or spend $100 seeing at the movie theatres and I love me some scary movies. As long as they are not about ghosts, I hate movies about ghosts. Serial Killers? Sure. Zombies? Why not. But ghosts? No thanks!

But I do have a scary video to share with you today. My friend Lisa sent it to me and when I saw it I let out the most horrific screams. It’s definitely a great Halloween treat!

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I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween weekend! I’m going to be in Red Deer Alberta. Wish me luck!!!!

Mike Morrison