Happy New Music Tuesday everyone!

One of Canada’s most consistent and talented musicians Royal Wood, is release his new album today.  The disc is called The Waiting, probably because his fans have been patiently waiting for three years for the follow-up to his last full-length album, A Good Enough Day.

I think I may have lost track of how many times I’ve seen Royal Wood.  It hasn’t always been in concert, but anytime I look at a festival line up, tour schedule or list of opening acts, Royal Wood seems to be there.  I actually don’t know how he does it.  Canada is a huge country and he seems to be EVERYWHERE.  I happen to know some girls who would not mind if there were one or two Royal Wood clones running around out there.

Starting this week, Royal will be touring with David Gray!  Most of Gray’s shows sold out the day the tickets went on sale, so this tour is going to be huge for Wood.  Is it silly to dream of a duet between the two?  Probably.

If you aren’t going to be at the concerts, you can buy a signed copy of The Waiting on his website!

Mike Morrison