Hey remember a couple of weeks ago when Prince Charles and that Camilla chick were in Canada? Wasn’t it amazing? Didn’t it change your life?

Well then why did it cost you $2.57 Million? Okay, not you directly, but that is what it cost the Canadian government to keep the big ear-red one and his new wife safe. Was it worth it?
On top of security, our money covered things like hotel rooms, communication and media staff, salaries for their entourage and $50,000 for a special website.
Um….for the record, Mike’s Bloggity Blog would have done it for a Portable Blu-Ray player and a prolonged hug from the Queen. I’m just saying. (Of course, I also would have obviously done it for $50k, but I’m trying to make a point.
It’s never really bothered me if we have a monarchy or not, but cash is kinda tight right now, couldn’t the Royal Family had coughed up a little more money? I mean, wasn’t it a PR campaign for them any way?
What do you think?

Mike Morrison