If you think nightclub in Vegas most people might be inclined to thing the celeb hot spot Pure. Perez readers will recognize that as the club that was supposed to host Lindsay Lohan’s 21st birthday but obviously that didn’t end up happening.

It is one of the hottest places in Las Vegas, so obviously I had no business going there but damnit I was going to try.

When we landed in Vegas we ate and awesome meal and then I gathered about 6 girls up and made our way down to Caesar’s Palace. It was already announced that Paris and Nicky Hilton would be there as a part of launch for the new line of Nicky’s bags. (They work!) So we knew our chances of getting into pure were slim and expensive.

Once we got there we scoped out the scene and a scene it was. There was a huge line. It was rumoured that the cover was $100 but then a gentlemen of a silk suit nature walked up to us and said for $40 each he would get us in the club. We hesitated, obvsiously it’s Vegas you would be studpid not to wonder. But he said we wouldn’t have to pay until we were on the dancefloor. Energy 101.5’s Erin Wilde and I jumped at the chance and convinced the others.

Within 5 minutes we were a collective $250 poorer but in Pure Night Club.

While standing in line for drinks I noticed a flurry of flashes, I asked an active photographer beside me who she was taking pics of and she said: “LL Cool J!” Sure enough I looked up and saw the former star of the short lived TV show “In The House” and my favorite movie “Deep Blue Sea.” Seriously, I love it. Oh yeah and he raps to. So there he was spinning the tunes where DJ AM is usually located.

After spending a completely reasonable $18 for a vodka and red bull (!) we made our way to the dance floor. It wasn’t 5 minutes later that the DJ announced that Nicky and Paris would be joining us on the dancefloor. We look up and there is the world’s most famous party girls! Yes, I know they aren’t really important and are probably detremental to the world, but it was still pretty freaking cool! The next day I would see pictures of the party on TMZ (here)and People Magazine (here) (Thanks megan!)
After about the 10 minutes the Hilton sisters disappeared and we decided it was too hot to not be enjoying the rooftop patio. We were up there for a little bit of time enjoying the sights and sounds of Vegas when out of the corner of my eye I saw Gene Simmons, former lead singer of KISS! (obviously.)

I ran up to him and this is what happened.

“Gene, Gene, can I grab a picture?”
He pauses. “For Moby…right.? “(As if to remember my name.)
I pause.
“Um….yes…..that’s right.”
And we took the picture.
Wow! Gene thought I was Moby. hahaha.
I think it is possibly my favorite picture of all time, mostly for the story of it all. I mean really, how often does Gene Simmons mistake you for another celebrity!!!!

So that was our night at Pure. We couldn’t believe we had only been there for a couple of hours and had experienced so much.

The night day I went to the Hard Rock Hotel and say some old Kiss costumes and had to get a picture. And I SWEAR ON VERONICA MARS that as I got the guy to take the picture Moby starting playing over the speakers! No Joke! So funny!
More stories to come.

Mike Morrison