For the past couple of days, you’ve no doubt been glued to the television, YouTube and social media watching as devastating fires rip through Fort McMurray and now surrounding neighbourhoods.

Depending where you live, it can be hard to help. These towns are remote and in most cases, still unaccessible. Obviously, donating to the Red Cross is a fantastic way to help. Especially now that both the Alberta and Canadian government have said they would match donations. Meaning your $10 instantly turns into $30.

Here in Calgary, even though Fort McMurray is eight hours away, citizens and businesses are coming up with creative ways of helping. Here’s some of the ones I’ve gathered so far. I’ll update as more come up!

Last Best Brewing:


Teatro Group:

Fundraiser at Trap and Gill



Alberta Beer Festival:


Mainstreet Equity

One Stop Rentals

Mount Royal University




Calgary Humane Society:


Mike Morrison