>So this morning, bright and early, the Oscar nominations were announced. I can’t help feel that this is a little anti-climatic because there might not even be an Oscar ceremony. But the nominations were released anyway (anyways in the maritimes) and I am very happy to see how spread out they are.

First and foremost I’m super pumped to Ellen Page from Halifax get nominated for Best Actress for the little movie that could Juno. Juno is also nominated for several other major awards including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. If you haven’t seen this movie it is a must see. I can’t imagine anyone actually not liking it for one reason or another. There is a little something for everyone. Although those looking for an Arrested Development reunion will be disappointed.

I’m also excited to see Laura Linney get nominated for Best Actress as well in The Savages. I know what your thinking….who? You actually do know Laura Linney. I met her as Jim Carrey’s wife in The Truman Show but she is also that girl whose brother tries to kill her and hug her in Love, Actually. I know she’s done some other amazing work as well so I’m glad she is getting recognized.

I’m happy that Lars and The Real Girl got nominated for best Screenplay. I’m sad that it got shut out from everything else. See. This. Movie.

I’m also sad that Once got shut out as well. Well it did get one for Best Song (which it is). But how is it that it can be the 2nd best reviewed movie of the year and get nothing? Oscars are sketchy…much like Florida or the Magic Bullet late night commercials.

Other noms that make me happy and sad…..

happy: Casey Affleck for The Assassination of Jesse James……(Calgary filmed production representin’!)

sad: no Best Animation nod for The Simpsons. It just would have been fun to watch the Simpsons actually getting nominated for an Oscar. Kinda like the South Park days.

happy: Saoirse Ronan got nominated as best supporting actress for Atonement. She is 14 years old. Do you know what I was doing when I was 14? Writing my graphic novel for Boy Meets World. Topanga and I are both embarrassed.

sad: Amy Adams not making the list for Enchanted. Have you seen this movie? How can someone be that happy for 1.5 hours and not get nominated. Especially in Hollywood?

Should be an interesting…..press conference.

Find all the nominees here.

Mike Morrison