On a fateful Saturday night, while wearing sweatpants and a dress shirt, destinies were alligned, planets circled other ones and in a tiny apartment in downtown Calgary one man threw in a DVD that would forever change his life, well at least until, um…I don’t know, around lunch time…let’s say on Tuesday. But it was still cool. During this fateful night he..ok it was me. Let’s stick with the 1st person shall we. Anyway, so I was home wanting to watch a movie and enjoy some Salt and Vinegar popcorn. Scanning my selection I had a hard time deciding what to watch with said popcorn. V for Vandetta? Depressing. Thank You for Smoking? Too Political. I needed something light, funny. And then I saw it: Can’t Hardly Wait. Still in it’s packaging too! Score! I bought it at Walmart like 5 months ago for $5 and haven’t had the chance to re-watch this movie that essentially defines my high school years.

I having seen this movie for at least 7 years. A lot in my life has changed since then, but after watching this movie, my love for this movie has apparently not. But why? This movie hardly has what I would call a script, and the way Jennifer Love Hewitt laughs/sighs at the end of every sentence reminds of why I had to stop watching Party of 5 and why I was president of the “I will not watch Time of Your Life group” on Facebook.

It didn’t take me long to realize why this movie was so appealing to me. It hits all of my “Guilty Pleasure” buttons. Has anyone watched this movie lately? Pretty much the entire line up of any TV show ever is in it. More specifically every TV show you’ve ever loved, but were too scared to admit to certain people.

Let’s look shall we?

Leslie Grossman: Mary Cherry from Popular. If I had known about this show when it was on, I truly believe my life would be different.

Sara Rue: Speaking of Popular she was in this, but I had a secret obsession with “Less than Perfect”. I have the doctor looking into it.

Melissa Joan Heart: Sabrina the Teenage Witch was never really a big “To Watch” on my list, but it reminds me of “Boy Meets World” and that’s ok by me.

Selma Blair: She’s actually in two of my guilty pleasures. Cruel Intentions and The Sweetest Thing. I’ve been terrified of bathrooms with holes and picnics in Central Park repectively ever since. But in the good way, you know?

“Du Jour”: Du Jour you say? Who are they? Well this one is a strech, but they were the male counter parts to Josie and the Pussy Cats. (Seth Green, Breckin Myer, Donald Faison and Alexander Martin) Thank You IMDB.

The Cast of Buffy: Well not the entire cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but a good chuck. The following people all appeared in Can’t Hardly Wait and Buffy in some form or another: Seth Green (Oz), Amber Benson (Tara), Paige Moss (Veruca the Werewolf), Clea Duvall (the invisible girl). Please note that Amber only appears once in the movie, staring at a banana. I wasn’t sure, but watched it a couple of times and it’s defiantly her.

Jason Segal: Marshall from How I met you Mother. If my Monday’s weren’t already full, this show would defianatly be a bigger priority.

Jaime Presly: Currently on “My name is Earl”, but it’s nice to see that everyone has to start some where and say lines like: “But he is totally the most dope guy in school!” (actual line)

There are more, but I think you get the point. I also realized that I didn’t know a lot about…well a lot when I first say this movie. But I’m happy to announce that at the age of 24, I now know what a Jimmy Hat really is. Thanks Oz.

Mike Morrison