Grey‘s is a repeat tonight.
No 30 Rock or The Office to speak of.

So what are you going to do?
Read a book? Call your friends? Send out those Christmas cards?

NO! There is STILL to much TV to watch tonight. I honestly haven’t plotted out a course, but there is certainly lots to choose from.

Ballet High (Bravo) premieres tonight. If you like dancing, drama, winnipeg and probable cases of anorexia then this documentary is for you! Ballet High is a 90-minute original arts documentary about students at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet during the final year of the intense, seven-year training program. The documentary promises to be rife with rivalries and tension as the dancers prepare to leap into the competitive world of professional ballet. I’m not into ballet, but something needs to fill the docu-reality show drama until the Hills comes back next week.

Then there is, of course, the three hour conclusion of ER. The first hour is a retrospective on the past 15 years of the show (I was in grade 7 and had hair)! Then the series finale last two hours long and judging from the trailers it looks like almost every one is coming back. Except of course those characters that died…which is like half the cast. I only started watching the show when George Clooney left and I stopped watching it after Noah Wylie left, but I’m going to miss this show. It’s kinda an icon of Thursday night TV. I know my friends Sarah and Jay are going to be devasted. But they still haven’t watched Friday Night Lights, so they have some catching up to do.

If that wasn’t enough. Survivor is also back after a brief hiatus and of course there is Samantha Who? and the severely disappointing In The Motherhood.

Who needs friends when you have cable.

Check out a clip of Ballet High School below:

Mike Morrison

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