One of the first online writers I ever read religiously was a women by the name of Amy Amatangelo.  She used to write a column for  In all honesty, she was the first person that seemed to know and love TV more than I did.  I was just a guy, living in New Brunswick, who could only dream about becoming a writer. Amy was my blogging idol.

About eight years ago, I emailed her asking how she was so lucky to get TV show screeners sent right to her house! I’m not sure why, but at the time, I thought screeners were an indication of “making it.” She wrote back a really great message, saying all you had to do was “write, write and write.”  She added, “Make sure it’s something you are passionate about, and it will happen.”

Well today, I happened to look up at the pile of screeners sitting in front of my TV and made me think, “Amy was right.”


Mike Morrison