Hi, it is Mike.

Wait. I can explain. Please keep reading. Look, I’m sorry that I forgot your birthday. It was completely Douche Bigalow thing for me to do and I’m very, very sorry. You and I both know you deserve better than that.
I wanted to take a moment to wish you a belated Happy Fourth Birthday! I can’t believe you are four years old, it seems like just yesterday that your show had dozens of different co-hosts and Paul was just an intern. Now look at you, Daryn pretty much stole the Olympics from Brian Williams, Nicole is releasing her own music and Paul…well Paul is still an intern. But I think you pay him more now. So that is something! Oh and let’s not forget Sheena. That girl is twelve tons of crazy and I freakin’ love her. Craziest person on Canadian television. (Sorry Colleen Jones.)
Four years is a big deal. Trust me, I know. Mike’s Bloggity Blog will also be turning four years old this year. If your show and my blog were actual people, they would be in the same grade. Of course, your show would probably be beating my blog up and we’d be stuck doing your homework. But still, kinda cool.
I hope you had a great birthday. If it was anything like mine, I hope you got smashed, called your mother and told her she didn’t love you enough and yelled at your friends for getting you crappy gifts.
All the best,
To celebrate, I wanted to share my all time favourite MTV Live clip, featuring the one and only, Sheena and Ron Jeremy.

Mike Morrison