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Desperate Housewives:
Listen to the Rain on the Roof (3.1)

For those of you who wanted to give up on our little floozies of Wisteria Lane, its time to re-consider. The third season premiered this evening and I’m glad to report that Wisteria has washed away any sketchiness left behind by the Applewhites and Paul. Instead creator Marc Cherry has made room for my personal favorite Laurie Metcalf. Does anyone else hate Orson, solely because of Sex and the City? There were a couple of big laughs tonight, of course from Gaby and Linette. Can I suggest something for our beloved Bree? Lavalife. Seriously they can’t be any scarier!

Things overheard on The Amazing Race.

“I don’t like horses, it’s like they have a mind of their own.”
Kimberley (I have nightmares about their relationship.)

”Did you ever imagine you’d be two legs into the race and first?”
-Host Phil to the One legged contestant!

Mike Morrison

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