>It takes months to put a tv show together. Sometimes seemingly longer. Countless hours are put into the writing, casting, taping, editing, sound and marketing. So the new TV season really kicking into high gear tonight, I figure why not start with my new column in…99 Words

It may take the industry months to put the show together, but it only takes me 99 Words to take it apart. Now I’ve never liked the idea of a critic, I feel there are enough of critics in the world. However I do feel that it is my place to allow anyone out there reading this to know what is worth there valuable time! Comments/Questions? Post them below!

The Class (CBS)

When I first sat to watch Friends: The Sequel, “The Class”. I had high hopes, so its hard for me to know if these high hopes got in the way seeing this show for what it really is. It’s a fun show, the cast is bubbly (see = slightly promiscuous). Lizzy Caplan (Phoebe) is stand out. There’s Joey’s girlfriend cheating…AGAIN! The show felt nice enough, but it tied everything up. Unanswered questions? Nope. Jason Ritter is the “Rachel” of the group. Newly single and ready for the new world. But along with his grade 3 classmates? That’s just weird.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC)

The pilot of S60SS is just as smart, biting and truthful as any of Sorkin’s shows. Peet and Perry (Chandler is no where to be seen) are stand outs in this show that reveals the deepest darkest secrets of a sketch variety show. It is clever and engaging. The cast is a mixed bag of talent and the potential is there for a show that can truly revolutionize the way we watch certain shows (ahem…SNL…awkward silence.) I find it interesting that with such an amazing cast, why was I so intrigued by lowly PA and a housewife named Felicity.

Mike Morrison