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Grey’s Anatomy
“Time has come today” (3.1)

3 minutes. That’s how long it took me until I was a puddle of tears on my friends couch. I think tonight’s episode continued to demonstrate what makes this show amazing. You never know what to expect. We spent all summer stressing about whom Meredith was going to choose. Turns out, we still don’t know. To these surgeons that’s not what’s important. The show takes us places where we don’t expect it to, like in life, we love the unexpected. We also love when vengeful red heads post her husband’s mistress’ blank panties. Or is that just me?

99 Words
The Office
“Gay Witch Hunt” (3.1)

In homage of the original British version: This episode was brilliant! What I love about this show is that it doesn’t shove it’s storylines down your throat. It’s all in the subtlety. When Pam looked at Ryan expecting Jim’s mutual disgust, we felt it. Highlights for me: Ed Helms! Meredith licking the Purel! “And he always looks at the camera….what’s with that!” “I watch Queer as F%#$”. And can I just give a quick shout out to Pam being single! Come on Jimmy! When Michael was talking about love, I know he was talking about me and The Office.

Mike Morrison

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