>Earlier this year, Taken (20th Century Fox) raked in a very surprising $144 million at the box office. By far Lian Neeson’s highest grossing movie of his career that didn’t involve R2D2, a man in a bat costume or a talking Lion.

If are like me and waited too long to see Taken. Check out my 99 word review of the flick, on now on BluRay and decide for yourself.
Why was Taken such a hit? Because at just under 90 minutes, the action happens fast and happens often. (and on BluRay it’s even better). Liam Neeson’s character makes Jack Bauer look like a sissy girl. The movie is surprisingly clever with lots twists , turns and neck chops. Maggie Grace was a rather strange choice to play the seventeen-year-old daughter, especially because she is actually 26. It came off a bit creepy, especially if you watch LOST. The movie is so short you have time to check out the interesting commentary from the Car Stunt Supervisor and Cinematographer.

Mike Morrison