>Reviews are too long and wordy. Usually by the time I’m done them, I’ve forgotten what movie, CD or play they were even reviewing. Plus who has the time? What with Facebook and all.

For this reason, I present the 99 word review of Front Row Centre Player’s Little Shop of Horrors currently playing at Pumphouse Theatres. 99 words, count ‘em:

The great thing about LSOH is that it’s a great starter musical for those musical virgins out there. It’s light, fun and easy to swallow. Much like a giant plant swallowing a heartless dentist or bossy father figure. Dave Gagnier plays Seymore nearly pitch perfect. He makes it easy for the audience to follow all his ups and downs from being a geek florist to the first celeb-gardener. The songs are catchy and are as appealing as the chemistry between Audrey (Christine Horne) and Seymore. Fun Game: Try to keep track of how many parts Lindsay Robertson actually played!

Phew! (that doesn’t count)
Tickets available here (neither does that)

Mike Morrison