The seventh season of 24 finished last week and you can already pick up the entire season DVD and Bluray!  If you didn’t catch it’s originalrun, watching it on DVD makes a perfect mini-movie marathon.
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24 did the impossible and bounced back to it’s original form after a dull sixth season.  Moving the show to Washington, adding a new (female!) president, and pitting Chloe against Janeane Garofalo make up for some disappointing returns and departures. Plus, watching Keifer getting paid to head butt people is fun. Even new fans of the show will scream at the TV with excitement! Unfortunately, the season doesn’t answer an important question: Why doesn’t anyone ever believe Jack!  What more does he have to do?  Watch the “The Ambush” featurette to see how the season’s biggest blowouts was shot.

Mike Morrison

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