>After a two year break, I’m bringing back the 99-word review!

(It’s harder than you might think!)
Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy:
Ever wished the Family Guy was R or X-rated? With enough vulgarity to make even me blush, this comedy hour is for McFarlane die-hards only.  The mini-gags sting deep but are satisfying, if not disturbing. Never has the warning “uncensored” bared more caution. The clips are impossible to describe for fear of offending well….everyone.  Assume that everyone from Magic Johnson, little people, the first AIDS patient to Ganesh get skewered.  Toss in fat Jesus and mountain lion penis’ and I think you have an idea of the delightful debauchery.  Uber-disappointing special features are a buzz kill. 

Mike Morrison