Look, I know this is like seven months late, but I finally got around to watching Julie and Julia and thought it deserved the infamous 99 Word Review. Since it is so late, I direct this review to the people that have been avoiding the movie, (for whatever reason.)

99 Words:
When I reached the lower regions of my DVD pile, I found the long gestating, Julie and Julia. My lack of ovaries had been long avoiding this movie since the Nora Ephron’s name was attached.

Is the movie perfect? No. But it’s sickingly pleasant. During the film, as much as I tried, I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face. Between Meryl Streep’s perfect ode to Julia Child and the adorably (yet, bitchy) Amy Adams as Julie Powell, it was easy to love.

It’s surprising how moving and motivational this movie is, even it was a chick flick.

Mike Morrison