Uhhh did you know that 50 Cent has a Vitamin Water Drink? It true. I know this because I’m drinking it as I type. I’m THAT talented.
After much inner-turmoil, I feel like this needs to be discussed in great length, probably point form with serve this purpose best.
  • It’s with Glaceau Vitamin Water and it’s called Formula 50.
  • It’s really good. Like really really good. I’m a sucker for anything grape flavored that might make me look like this:
  • Except the tattoos. I don’t have any interest in tattos.
  • According to the label it provides 50% of my daily value of vitamins C and E. Do you know when is the last time I had my daily value of vitamins C and E? 1992, before I was introduced to the wonders of pop.
  • Carrying Formula 50 through a scary part of the neighborhood doesn’t make you more gangster. Trust me, I just tried.
  • I know there are a ton of “liquid assets” jokes out there, I just can’t seem to grab on to them. Feel free to comment on your own as necessary.
  • Drinking this fits in perfectly with my plan to start working out in the next 14-26 months.

Mike Morrison