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Merry Christmas, Calgary foodies. After months of teasing us, Popeyes is finally coming to Calgary! The popular chain, known for it’s Louisiana-inspired fried chicken and seafood, is wildly popular around the world, but until recently hadn’t expanded into Alberta. Well, Calgarians will soon find out what all the fuss is about it. Here’s what we know so far!

It opens soon!

Cancel your Christmas party plans because you’re probably going to want to leave Monday, December 19th open on your calendar. That’s the day Popeyes is scheduled to open!

Edmonton beat us to the punch.

But just by a few weeks. Popeyes first foray into Alberta was apparently a record breaking one. I have no doubt that Calgarians will be just as excited.

It’s opening in an interesting spot!

The first Popeyes in Calgary will be opening at 3909 17th Avenue SE. Which is smack dab in the middle of the area called International Ave. While there’s lots of food options already on 17th Ave SE, they say the variety is the spice of life. I’ve always thought that they every neighbourhood should have a few anchor franchises, then people will check them out, and hopefully discover new places along the way. I think it’s safe to say International Ave is pretty under-rated. I know I don’t visit the area as much as I’d like to. So it’ll be like discovering a new part of the city that I’ve lived in for ten years.

People are really excited!

It’s the first of many!

According to Global News, Popeyes is planning on opening more locations soon. Given their choice for their first location, I’m excited to see where else they decide to open up shop. Hopefully across the street from my house.


To help celebrate the opening, I’m giving away a $50 gift card to Popeyes! To enter, head to the comments section and tell me what celebrity you’d take to dinner at Popeyes. Contest closes on Monday, December 19th!

Mike Morrison


  1. Chris Tucker would be awesome to bring to Popeye’s! He’s hilarious and would make it a very memorable event.

  2. i will take jackie chan so there will no be a dull moment while we are eating hehehehe!!!excite to visit on monday!!!!

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