Tomorrow morning, Muchmusic is holding an open casting call in hopes of finding their newest VJ. You can expect that come Saturday morning, hundreds of aspiring VJs will be lined-up at MuchMusic headquarters in an effort to snag one of the coolest jobs in Canada.
With so many actors, models and music-lovers auditing, how do you make you, yourself stand out at the auditions?
To find out, I went straight to the source: MuchMusic’s newest VJ Liz Trinnear. As the new girl on the block, her auditioning experience is still fresh in her mind, “I know exactly how you feel, I’ve been there recently but trust me…the job is worth the nervous stomach!” So how did Liz do it? Here are her five tips for a successful audition!

1. Embrace a mistake and move forward.
The producers understand you are human and can fumble, mix up words or make mistakes. Penelope Cruz in Vanilla Sky says ” every passing second is a chance to turn it all around.” It’s true. Move forward, and keep your chin up!

2. Have fun and be positive.
If you don’t get the gig, keep trying. There’s always next time and any interview or audition is great practice for next time!

3. Prepare, don’t memorize.
Know what you are talking about but don’t memorize a script. THEY KNOW! Just know your talking points and talk as if you were speaking to your peers.

4. Be confident not cocky.
You need to believe in yourself before anyone else can believe in you, but be careful not to be overly confident. You may come off as a know it all, and they’re no fun to work with.

5. Be honest and BE YOURSELF.
There is nothing worse than putting on a facade so you can land the gig. Producers want to know what YOU are all about, not what yare tyring to be. They will see through it.

Mike Morrison