Every year Calgary Folk Music Festival wows and woos thousands of Calgarians with its food, fashion and yes, music. But this year’s festival was special because this year, the festival marked it’s 35th anniversary!  An impressive feat, especially considering the festival was almost washed away last year!  But here, we are, the 35th annual Calgary Folk Music Festival and what a festival it was!  To mark the celebration, I pulled together a list of 35 of my favourite things at this year’s festival.

So here we go!

Gelato from Fiasco Gelato:IMG_2361


Feist’s new friends:

Parade of Lanterns:

Jam Sessions:

Hearing Bruce Cockburn sing “Lovers in a Dangerous Time.” IMG_2207

Jugs of sangria:

The free stage for all to enjoy: IMG_2310.jpg

Ginger beef from The Happy Truck: IMG_1152

Amos Lee
singing Beyonce:

Summer sunsets:

Whatever this is:IMG_2348

The festival’s 1,855 volunteers. Here’s three of them. IMG_2332.jpg

Pork Belly Tacos from Taiko Tacos:

This kid’s mohawk:

Beer gardens:

Jill Barber:IMG_2367

Pink Port-a-potties:

This duck:IMG_2352

So. Many. Bikes: 

The sun: IMG_2322.jpg

The shade:

The fashion:


Patty Griffin: IMG_2126

Tater Tot Bowls from Naaco Truck:

This awesome fort:IMG_2334

Feeling like you won $2:IMG_2358.jpg

The Merch Tent: 

MPs folkin’ out:

The special Market Collective set up in Eau Claire Market: IMG_2317

These water refilling stations:IMG_2331.jpg

Rufus Wainwright singing “Hallelujah.”:

Bicycle powered bubbles:

Kettle Corn popcorn. I had a bag every day:


Discovering new music:

Chocolate Bananas: IMG_2362

Mike Morrison


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