Well the big day has finally arrived, it’s my BIRTHDAY!

And while I wish I was humble enough not to write a blog post reminding everyone it is my birthday, I’m not.  But I’m pretty sure you knew that already.
Today I share my birthday with a lot of people.  My friends Amy, Alex, Matt, Alison, Quinten and Faclice.  Plus people I wish were my friends like 80’s wrestling sensation Tito Santana, U2’s Bono, the guy that killed lincoln and last but not least, those lovely/dreadful Gosselin Sextuplets from Jon and Kate Plus 8.
And while I’ve purposely not been commenting on the whole Jon cheating scandal (yes even I try to seem classy sometimes), I have to say that today would be one freaking awkward birthday party for Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel.
First you have to share your birthday cake with 5 other people that look like you.  Then you have that bitch Maddy in the background probably crying about it not being her birthday.  Plus then there is the jon and kate obviously not feeling for the love for each other right now oh and let’s not forget IT’S ALL ON VIDEO CAMERA!!!
Thinking about that just reminds me how much fun I had with my friends last night!  Wine, Wall-E, Friday Night Lights, Martinis!  What more could I ask for?
Thanks for all the well wishes.  26 was great.  27 is going to have a lot to live up to, luckily due to the recession, I’m setting my expectations low.  I hate to be disappointed!

Mike Morrison