>Okay, seriously enough with the “25 things” on Facebook.

I can’t take it anymore. Stop telling me things that I didn’t want to know about you. Stop telling me things that you should really be telling your boyfriends or girlfriends. I don’t need to hear about things that only your therapist or parole officers should know about.

I don’t care about your jealousies, secret crushes, dreams or aspirations. I realize this might sound a little harsh from someone who has a detailed blog about his life, but I can’t handle all this friend information all at once. I’m on overload! It hurts my head, sometimes my heart and mostly my soul.

If you could also stop looking to us for compliments that would be great. I think it’s great that you put your friends first or that you love your mom more than anyone. But enough already, I’m usually way to busy complimenting myself, I don’t really have time to make sure that you are feeling good about yourself today. Be like my mom and have a glass of red wine, that usually does the trick.

While I can respect that we all need to get things off of our chest, I don’t think Facebook Notes is the proper avenue for it. Sure it’s cute to know your favorite show or preferred manner of transportation. But telling me that you don’t think anyone will ever love you or that you feel your life is a let down is just too much. How do I respond to that? With a 🙂 or a :-0 ? Will that suffice? Or is it actually a sign of bigger things. Should I call someone? Your parents? The police?

I can’t worry about this any more than I already am. So please stop telling me your Top 25. Keep it to yourself or pick up the phone and tell me. Announcing your biggest fears and secrets on a social network that is probably run by the government only opens your life up to more drama and probably several restraining orders.

Thank you.

Mike Morrison