As another year wraps up, it’s time to reflect on the year that was. It had its ups (last seasons Flames home record) and it had its downs (Calgary Flames this season). We saw Calgary continue to grow into one of Canada’s most prosperous cities and with it we saw an increase in murders, the nations most expensive rent and a Toby Keith concert.

So as I sit hear on my couch thinking back to this years biggest headlines I try to think of just one that sticks out the most important. “Bronconier wins again!”, “Ed Stelmach’s first year in office”, “The Deefoot” would all be excellent suggestions, I however don’t feel like they really sum up 2007.

For me the biggest and best headline was without a doubt:
“Prince Harry chats up Calgary Bartender!”

That’s right my friends, who could forget Cherie Cymbalisty and her romantic night at Cowboys with the 3rd in line for the British throne. It put Calgary on the map both nationally and internationally. I mean sure we have a housing crisis and our public transit systems resembles that of an early Bostons, but Prince Harry macking on a bartender in our very own city? You can’t write that stuff!

In case you forgot about that fateful night at Cowboys earlier this year, Harry was doing military exercises up north and he some buddies took a break and showed up at Cowboys. After talking up some ladies Harry set his sights on one of Cowboy’s classiest bartenders (a future Playmate at that) and shared a romantic night together….after hours. And with that sullied the ones respectable Cowboys reputation for ever.

From what we could tell the time they spent together was special (and drunken), it should have remained between the two potential star crossed lovers forever. Instead it lasted until the next day when Cherie sold her story to a British media outlet. Ahh to be young and be able to sell your love again.

So while other Calgarians will remember 2007 for perhaps more “important” issues, I will remember Cherie’s brief stint in the headlines and for showing the world that if your famous and want to be normal, don’t come here. Cause this city is expensive and we’ll do anything for the money.

Hey maybe that’s another angle on finally getting affordable housing.

Mike Morrison

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