>Weekend. Two days. Two and half at the most. What to do, where to go, what to buy. Those are the usual questions that I ask myself. I also ask myself if anyone is ever going to call, but that’s a side note.

This weekend, I feel like it was much more then 2.5 days it felt like a lifetime, but in the good way, not in the why won’t political science class ever end, kinda way. I was still reeling from the idea of Screech’s sex tape video, (which includes an actual dirty sanchez, just so you know). When I embarked on possibly the greatest/craziest weekend of my life.

I was secretly flying home to surprise my best friend/prom date at her wedding, but before that I was off to Elton John!

Here is the break down.

Friday Sept 29th, 2006.

3:00pm. After listening to Elton John all day, I left work in preparation for the concert.

4:00pm. My friend called, she can’t go to the concert, whose going to come with me. (Now is not the time to not pick up when you see my number on the phone people.)

4:03pm: Sarah Clarke, nearly drives off the road when I invite her. We are pumped.

7:02pm: After feveriously packing for my secret trip to Fredericton, Sarah shows up, we are both pumped. We drive to the saddledome. Most Calgarians are exposed to my extreme missing Elton john induced road rage.

8:05pm. We find our seats! They are amazing! Elton comes out and Benny and the Jets. I wet myself.

9:23pm Sarah and I begin slow dancing in the aisles. Angry patrons are annoyed at the people have fun. This is Calgary, that’s not allowed.

9:50 pm: Rocket Man.

10:00pm Still Rocket Man

10:05pm. Rocket Man wraps up. My life is changed for the better.

10:14pm. Crocodile Rock! Sarah and I begin to realize are section is full of quadrapoligics, or boring people. (you decide.) We decide to dance up a storm for everyone.

10:42pm Sarah and I leave the concert early for fear of me missing my red eye flight. The radio station is playing Elton the whole way there. My vocal chords and her ears are severly injured.

11:00pm Arrive at the Airport. Take three Nyquil, including the one I dropped on the floor. Things are going to get interesting.

12:00am. I board the plan, there will be no one sitting beside me. My heavily drugged induced self is very happy. Or sad, The Nyquil has numbed my emotions.

5:00am. In Toronto Airport, why are people shopping at Roots, why can’t I stop drooling? What was on that bathroom floor?

8:00am. I wake up on the floor of the Maritime terminal. I don’t know where I am, I reach for more Nyquil

1:00pm. After waiting two hours on the tarmack, I arrive in Fredericton. My family has balloons. Still high, I confuse them for members of my family. My mom wasn’t impressed.

1:09pm. Could my nephew and niece be any cuter.

3:00pm. We go to the Rogue for lunch. I’m fearful for being seen by Vanessa and John, as they still don’t know I’m in town for the wedding.

3:36pm. Check into the Delta. So tired. But bloody excited.

4:00pm I go up to Vanessa’s room to surprise before the wedding. We got her good. She look’s so beautiful in her dress.

4:32pm. I surprise John, he wasn’t surprised. I think he thought I was coming anyway. Oh well he offers me beer, all is well.

6:30pm The wedding begins outside. Its sooooo beautiful, my nipples are sooo cold.

7:05pm. Reception begins, yes sir, I will have a rye and coke. Thank you.

1:30am. After partying up all night, people are impressed that I’m still awake. I’ve actually fallen asleep 3 hours ago, but don’t have the heart to tell them.

1:45am Hit up the Diplomat, Fries and Gravy.

4:00am Out like Jai Rodriguez.

9:40pm Stumble out of bed. Meet family for brunch. My eyes are redder then George Michaels on a day that ends with “y”. Where’s my Dayquil? (My grandmother thinks talking about someone behind a napkin, is like not saying anything at all. I take notes.)

1:00:pm We go to Kingswood. I love bowling. Brianna starts us off. We have lunch before the ball actually hits the pins.

1:45pm Laser Tag. If you guys could see it would have been hilarious. I took it so seriously. I kicked the 6 year old’s ass!

3:00pm Quick visit to Rebecca’s Parents/ Jordan and Tina’s Apartment/ Lillian’s infirmary…uh apartment.

4:00pm Back at my parent’s house. Took moosey for a quick walk. I’ve wanted to that since Doc died on Grey’s Anatomy.

4:30pm Playing Chess with Zachary. I tried and he still beat me. I die a little bit inside. He tells me he misses doing this, I presume he meant hanging out, but he probably meant beating me.

5:00pm Have an amazing supper with the family, I do miss those sooo much. I teach Zachary about the world of nipples. Brianna is all over the place.

7:00pm. Jessica comes and picks me up. I’ve never cried before when I left the house, this time I was a wreck. I blame the lingering effects of Nyquil.

7:15pm Beer at the airport lounge. The new pub of choice? John and Vanessa show up dropping off Jack. For a few minutes I was together with my best friends. And I was kinda drunk.

8:30pm. Plane takes off for Toronto. I think I fell asleep midsentance with Jack. I’m sure he understands.

10:30pm. Boarding the plane for Calgary, I have chips and dip.

10:45.pm Watch Poseidon on the personal TVs. I really enjoyed the movie and even jumped a couple of times. The small Chinese man beside me wasn’t impressed.

12:00am Watched 2 episodes of Boston Legal. This show is my secret guiltiest pleasure. (More on that later)

2:00am. Plane Lands. I struggle to make it to the car.

3:00am Finally make it home. I have to be at work in 5 hours.

This was such an amazing weekend. Pretty much from one end of the country to the other. Everyone kept saying that I was crazy to do what I was doing. But I would be crazy to miss the wedding of two of the greatest people I know. I’m actually in love with the Sawler/Anderson/Cronkite/ Morrison (diff’t) family. They are like no other.

And any chance I get to the see the kids is a plus for me. They are the reason I get up in the morning and I can’t wait until xmas when I can see them again. Up next? Banff Springs, after that Houston. 4 hotels, 4 weekends. Michael Morrison: Jetsetter.

Mike Morrison