Look, we all love pets, right? What’s not to love about pets? They’re cute, they’re fun and if you have anything but a cat, they generally do what you want them to do. And anytime I hear that someone’s pet is missing or has been stolen, my heart and world stops, I could not imagine if someone did something to my Mindy….even if she never wants anything to do with me. Yes, Mindy is a cat.

When I heard about the story of Richard Bower, I knew I wanted to share it immediately.  Almost two years ago, Brower had his dog Dozer stolen from his backyard. In an interview with CBC, he said, “I had locks on both the front and back.The pins were pulled from the front gate and he was obviously taken.”

Ugh. Gutting.

While he didn’t give up hope of finding his dog, a long time went by. Then, one day, Richard was browsing the Claresholm Rescue Society site and what do you know, there was his dog. He told CBC’s David Gray,”It was the first post that came up, and Dozer was just staring me back in the face, looking pretty much like he did 18 months before. And my heart just kind of sank and I started shaking.”


Anyway, check out CBC’s site for the whole interview. I just wanted to share this story because picturing how happy Bower was when he found his dog, put the biggest smile on my face. Plus, it’s a great reminder, that if you’re thinking of adopting an animal, you should always check the rescue shelters, because your best friend might already be waiting there for you!

Mike Morrison