Alberta Voting Information. Election Day is May 5th. 

Earlier today, I did one of my favourite things to do. And even though I know voting is annoying, I love that I can make a real big difference in less than five minutes. And I mean that literally. I timed how long it took me to vote in the Advance Polls today, and it was just under five minutes. That’s from the parking lot and back!

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Now, I know it’s not polite to talk about who I voted for, so I guess I won’t, but I will tell you who I didn’t vote for and that’s the Progressive Conservatives. They’ve been ruling Alberta for way too long, and I don’t think they’ve been doing a great job of it. Plus, if you’re familiar with me at all, you know that the PC government and I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye when it comes to equality.

But, if you’re interested in more examples,  here’s 15 more…from the past FOUR MONTHS.

1. Because I believe youth offenders shouldn’t be shipped off away from their families:

Alberta PCs cynically shipping out Calgary’s young offenders , but why?

2. Because there are 36,000 students about to enter our school system and not one teacher is being hired.

“School boards scold education cuts, Alberta PCs say use cash reserves.”

3. Because I think $200,000 for the continued investigation into the deaths of children in government care is a pretty good deal.

“Tories vote down request to restore funding for child death probes.”

4. Because I don’t think gay rights should be handed out “incrementally.”

Gay-straight alliance bill leaves emotions raw at Alberta legislature

5. Because we shouldn’t even be having this election for another year.

“Nenshi takes Tories to task for ‘early’ election.”

6. Because they wanted us to vote on the budget, and then changed the budget halfway through the election.

“Jim Prentice reverses cut to charitable tax credit.”

7. Because math is difficult, you don’t have to be a jerk about it.

Math is difficult.’ Numbers dominate Alberta debate

8. Because of the whole cancer care centre debacle.

Mandel announces cancer care for Calgarians to be divided between two sites

9. Because they receive 80% of their donations from corporations.

“80 per cent of the donations to the PC Party above $250 were from corporations.

10. Because they won’t raise corporate taxes.

Nenshi on Alberta’s corporate taxes: Province not actually holding the line.

11. Those corporations are now saying that under an NDP government ‘We won’t make donations to charities’

Corporate business leaders warn of risks to Alberta NDP government

12. Because I don’t want an education minister who bends the ethics rules, and “would do it again.”

Education Minister Gordon Dirks used office for political gain: ethics boss

13. Because Craig Chandler.

Controversial Craig Chandler stirs election emotions

14. Because if this is how they treat their own, how are they going to treat those who oppose them?

“‘Buddy, you are being set up’: Disqualified PC candidate Jamie Lall makes text messages public.

15. Because this was the scariest day of my life.

Calgary LGBTQ community rallies against Bill 10.

16. Because this is a real headline from a few days ago:

Jim Prentice defends PC candidate Mike Allen convicted of soliciting prostitute.

Mike Morrison


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