Ladies and gentlemen, we have a bit of a problem.  After watching the trailer for the new and dreadful looking movie called Drive Angry, it seems that Nicolas Cage might be suffering from a severe case of Chad Kroeger-itis.  That is the disease when you mistaken people’s constant teasing of the Nickelback for actual praise and choose to replicate him in almost every form.  It is a rare, yet often severely annoying ailment that effects those who have never heard of CBC Radio 3 or biologically cannot sense sarcasm in one’s tone.

For the rest of us, we have until February 11th to protect ourselves from anything to do with Nickelback and/or Nicolas Cage.  Hopefully, you have already been preparing for such an event and will be ready in time for when Drive Angry opens in theatres in a few months.

If you seek further proof, please use this trailer as reference material.

Mike Morrison


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