I know what you are doing. It is Monday morning and you are looking for a fun way to waste ten minutes.  Well how about you fill out the FFWD Best of Calgary reader survey.

Don’t live in Calgary you say?

Doesn’t matter.  Why don’t you just vote for me?  Sure I could be subtle about it, but why?  You’re probably reading this blog because I’m not subtle.  There are two categories that I technically fall under:  Best Local Blog and Best Columnist, (you know, for my Metro columns).  Okay technically you could vote for me in the Sexiest Calgarian (Male), but that would just be wrong, wouldn’t it?

The only annoying part about voting is that you have to vote on at least 40 categories, BUT if you don’t know the answer, just click one of the options they provided.  God bless radio buttons!

Mike Morrison


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