All across the world, people are celebrating Earth Day today, and what better place to celebrate than one of the most beautiful places in Canada (maybe the world, but I haven’t seen it all.) With so many amazing photographers in Alberta, Instagram is an amazing place to see just how beautiful this province is, also making it a perfect place to start planning your next adventure.

In honour of Earth Day, I’ve gathered together a list of some of my favourite Alberta Instagram accounts featuring uber-talented Alberta-based photographers. This list is by no means complete, it’s just a few of my favourites.

Happy Earth Day, everyone!


That was definitely a moment. #aurora

A photo posted by Neil Zeller (@neil_zee) on

You know when you’re in bed dreaming of going on adventures, Neil is going on them. Every morning I wake up to Neil’s amazing northern lights photography and every morning I dream of joining him someday…so until that day, I’ll watch from my bed.



The mountains. Uniting people since the beginning. #capturerad A photo posted by Stevin Tuchiwsky (@stevint) on

If you’ve been thinking about going on an outdoor adventure in Alberta, Steve’s Instagram account will have you packing instantly. He’s so perfectly able to capture the excitement of outdoor life in Alberta…even if I’m too scared to do most of it.

Little Clo. Big ice cave

A photo posted by Chloe A. Hibbert ( on

If there were magazines just of Chloe’s photography, I would get a subscription for everyone I know. I love how she brings life to big giant mountains and cool blue lakes. Just awesome!



Fire in the sky #WeGoBeyond #canmore @canmorekananaskis A photo posted by Chris Amat (@christopheramat) on

To me, Chris’ photos are a constant reminder that beautiful photography doesn’t have to be complicated or stage, it can sometimes be about looking and capturing the right moment. I love his photos!


Tiny landscapes -2

A photo posted by Lori Andrews (@theoriginal10cent) on

If you ever need to someone to show you that Alberta is not only beautiful, but also stylish and sophisticated, this is the account for you. When I see that Lori is heading out to the mountains, I grab my phone and a bowl of popcorn and wait for the show to begin.



Almost every time I look at Callum’s photos I have the same reaction: “How the hell did he get that photo.” You want to see parts of Alberta that no one else does? Follow this guy.


Just catching sunrise with a few friends in #canmore. #WeGoBeyond @canmorekananaskis

A photo posted by @mikeseehagel on

Mike may have been one of the first people I followed on Instagram. The rumours of his photographic greatness are not to be dismissed. Every photo. Every. Single Time. Love it.



Alberta isn’t just mountains and lakes, although it sure seems that way sometimes. The province also has some pretty great urban centres and I think Dave does a great job of capturing both the mountain and the city life of Albertans!


My eyes are better eyes because of Taylor’s photos. My imagination is better because of Taylor’s photos. My summer plans are better because of Taylor’s photos.



Like me, Jeff started in New Brunswick, but moved to Alberta years ago and the province is better for it. I would say his photos make me do a double-take every single time. He sees perfect natural beauty and somehow makes it more perfect.


Such an #mmmdatfog sort of afternoon for @yycinstameets’s #WWIM11_yyc.

A photo posted by worth_y (@worth_y) on

In terms of urban photography, Morgan is such a fantastic photographer of every day urban life. City photos aren’t often as sexy as mountain photos and they’re not supposed to be. Plus she is the founder of @yycinstameets, which organizes regular meets up for Instagrammers. So you should follow her just so you don’t miss the next event!



Imprezzive #subaru A photo posted by Chris Malloy (@mistermalloy) on

Chris’ photos remind me that photography can also be a ton of fun. You can tell that he puts a lot of hard work into getting the right photo and the results always pay off, but they’re also a fresh way of looking at things, or he takes photos of normal things and makes them look amazing!


Simply put, Paul’s photos are so amazing, I don’t even know what I’m looking at most of the time.

And if you wanted to follow one more, here’s a completely shameless plug:

I tried to watch the hockey game, I really did. But I love me a warm evening walk just too much.

A photo posted by Mike Morrison (@mikesbloggity) on

Mike Morrison

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